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                            1. Tips And Tricks, Audio, HIFI

                              Tips and tricks

                              There are countless tips and tricks in HIFI audio. I believe a majority of us would have encountered these below scenarios:

                              • The HIFI equipment I bought sounded different at home compared to the stores.
                              • The same DIY amplifier, DIY speakers, DIY DAC, DIY source, and etc performed different from builder to builder although the designs are the same. It could be performance, sound quality, or reliability wise.
                              • The HIFI system sounded differently at different times of the day, different days of the week, and different months of the year.
                              • You changed something non-trivial (to you), and the HIFI system sounded differently than before, be it better or worse.
                              • My gears (bought or DIY) break down easily, or last longer than other people’s.

                              Setting up and building your own high performance audio system is actually a form of art. There are over thousands of techniques, or tips and tricks used to fully optimize your HIFI audio system to the fullest, sounding at their best.

                              In this page, we’re going to touch on the tips and tricks on the following main topics that help us achieve sonic nirvana, getting the 101% performance out of our HIFI audio system, whether is DIY or bought on the shelf.

                              • Amplifiers – electronics, protection, noise, EMI/RFI, placement, damping, design, wiring, tolerance, fail proof, power supply, resonances, troubleshooting and etc.
                              • Speakers – design, protection, cabinetry, damping, placement, wiring, resonances, troubleshooting and etc.
                              • Setup – matching, protection, positioning, placement, connections, ground loops, resonances, troubleshooting and etc.
                              • Mains – protection, conditioning, filtering, protection, polarity, isolating, wiring, regeneration, resonances, troubleshooting and etc.
                              • Sources – protection, design, positioning, damping, wiring, resonances, troubleshooting and etc.
                              • Room – design, diffusing, diffracting, isolation, wiring, placement, resonances, troubleshooting and etc.
                              • Black magic – unexplained phenomena / tweaks.

                              3d的试机号We would like to encourage all readers to contact us if they’ve anything at all, be it logical or illogical, as long as it works, to share with our diy-audio-guide readers worldwide.

                              Let's look at them!

                              2/1/2012: DIY Mains Filter

                              11/14/2011: Art Chamber Ebony Spikes

                              27/10/2011: Constant current source or sink

                              18/10/2011: Fixed bias protection - protect your fixed bias tube amplifier!

                              24/5/2011: Soft Start - protect your beloved vacuum tubes!

                              28/6/2011: Schumann Resonator - improve your room sound!

                              7/21/2011: Isolation Transformer - lower the incoming garbage and optimize your setup performance!

                              . An online informational electronics training site for beginners.

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