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          2. Music


            3d的试机号What’s HIFI without music? I started with pop songs when I was in primary and secondary school before I began to appreciate other types of music and now I’m a fan of all types of music. Well, except those that has no musical enjoyment at all.

            There are so many formats to the source of music now. We have Compact Disc (CD), LP records (vinyl), MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and etc. With PC Audio being in trend, the high resolution audio is catching up with up to 32 bit resolution 384 kHz sampling rate, and maybe higher instead of being limited to 16 bit 44 kHz for Red Book CD format!

            With the drop of hard disk price, many had digitized their entire music collection and store them in home server or a fleet of hard disks. This is not only convenient, a lot has found that it is actually better sounding to play from an optimized computer for audio use.

            As one improves his HIFI system, it will reach a point where one will find out that not all recordings are created equal. There are some recordings that sounds better and some that’s worse. Do not be fooled that the newer ones will sound better. There is some music from the good old times that sounded so much analogous then the modern ones, one example would be “Belafonte at Carnegie Hall” that was recorded in the 1950’s.

            Belafonte At Carnegie Hall

            On the other hand, there are some pop songs that sounded pretty good too in terms of recording and musicality. One of them is “I love Karen Mok, Best of” that I always keep on top of the shelf. There are many others that sounded really good too, like Penny Tai’s “So Penny” and etc.

            Penny Tai Karen Mok

            3d的试机号Hopefully with this page, the 464kayk.icu team writers and I would share out their favorite albums and introduce good music to all the fans out there, be it audiophile or non-audiophile types.

            Till then!


            Echo by Chyi and Michelle, 30th May 2011

            GRP All-Star Big Band, 23rd May 2011

            Pete Seeger at 89, 8th June 2011

            Patti Austin Live!, 14th June 2011

            Famous Blue Raincoat, 20th June 2011

            From The Heart - Live, Joan Baez, 7th July 2011

            Story Tellers, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, 13th July 2011

            Nana Mouskouri Story, 21st July 2011

            Neil Young: Live at Massey Hall, 12th August 2011

            Lisa Ekdahl: Back To Earth, 19 September 2011

            Eric Bibb: Natural Light, 28 September 2011

            The Double Life of Veronika, 17 October 2011

            Rod Stewart - Soulbook, 10 October 2011

            Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack, 21st October 2011

            The Wonderful Sound of Three Blind Mice, 26th January 2012

            Leonard Cohen - Live at the Isle of Wight 1970, 27th February 2012

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