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                                1. Best Deals

                                  Best Deals

                                  What’s more delighting than getting the absolute best deals for your home theater and home audio systems?

                                  Don't miss a thing...

                                  And share it with your friends!

                                  3d的试机号Best Deal Listings!

                                  Check out the right column on this page -------------->>>>> for special deals on electronics components, home theater systems and HIFI systems.

                                  3d的试机号 Exclusive deals from The Art Chamber for 464kayk.icu supports coming soon!

                                  3d的试机号Go to The Art Chamber shop.

                                  . Expires October 31.

                                  7/25/2011: expires today, better be quick!



                                  3d的试机号7/2/2011: Best Buy Fourth of July Sale, 2 Days Only: Sunday-Monday. Expired.


                                  7/2/2011: Limited time only, till 4th July, better hurry!

                                  6/30 - 7/5/2011: Parts Express July 4th Great sale!

                                  Use coupon code Save52010

                                  6/30/2011: Parts Express, my favorite DIY store!

                                  6/27/2011: Remote Volume Control Kits! High quality inexpensive remote volume control solution to your DIY needs!

                                  3d的试机号6/24/2011: Warehouse Tent Sale by Parts Express, 9th July, Springboro, Ohio, 8am-5pm, don't miss this chance to get your audio gears, components, speakers, amplifiers and etc at a rock bottom price!

                                  3d的试机号6/23/2011: Behringer DCX2496 at $288 + free shipping! Compared to $327 usual discounted price!

                                  3d的试机号6/23/2011: Limited time only, better hurry!

                                  3d的试机号More deals to come!

                                  If you know if any good/best deal, you're very welcome to share it here! Dealers, manufacturers, individuals, retailers, and etc, all are welcome!

                                  Accepted best deal listings are:

                                  • Special sales / deals
                                  • B-stock / ex-stock
                                  • Opening / closing sales
                                  • End of life / past season
                                  • Promotions / introductory price
                                  • Best price
                                  • Etc

                                  Accepted listings are:

                                  • High fidelity audio & video
                                  • CD / Blu-ray Disc / XRCD / DVD / digital music / etc
                                  • Source (CD Player, CD Transport, digital media player)
                                  • DAC (digital-to-analog converter)
                                  • Vinyl (LP)
                                  • Turntable (LP player), tonearm, cartridge, phono stage
                                  • Pre-amplifier (linestage), power amplifier, integrated amplifier
                                  • Speakers / loudspeakers / subwoofers
                                  • Interconnect, speaker cable, power cord
                                  • Power line conditioner, voltage regulator
                                  • HIFI / Audio Video accessories
                                  • Tweaks, gadgets, racks, spikes, isolation platforms
                                  • Electronic / electrical / mechanical components
                                  • Crossovers / special effects / processors
                                  • Etc

                                  We accept all listings as long as it is beneficial to our readers!

                                  Ken from DIY-Audio-Guide got his pair of Zu Audio Soul Superfly for a steal when they had the promotion previously. It was U$1800 compared to U$3000 a pair now!

                                  Sometimes Soniccraft.com will have 15-20% discounts on their products on and off and in fact, they're having a sales now (6/23/2011) when this page is created!

                                  So, don't wait, let your friends know about this site immediately! And also pay it forward by sharing all the best deals here!

                                  Contact the members of 464kayk.icu by completing the contact us or content submission forms below.

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