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                          2. DIY to audio nirvana!

                            3d的试机号Ken - chief editor & site owner

                            Hello everyone! Here's a little background about myself. :)

                            3d的试机号My high fidelity (hifi) fever started since I was 15 when I was in secondary school. That is quite a while ago! I began to appreciate music and sound reproduction quality then. I bought my most expensive gadget (for student) - SoundBlaster 16 sound card, a true CD quality card with 16 bit resolution, 2000mW output when everyone out there just uses 8-bit cards with a tiny little powered speaker.

                            My dad is an audiophile too, and he still is! He's still using ~20 year old gears that still sound pretty good. The old timers are really built with quality and durability in mind.

                            3d的试机号I bought my 1st set of hifi gears back in university years, 1996 at Manchester, United Kingdom. They were Wharfedale speaker, Sony CD player (I still have this!) and Goodmans integrated amplifier. Those accompanied me for 2 years before I upgraded to a bigger Wharfedale speakers and Marantz integrated amplifier. Those were the years mates! All of them are serving my non-audiophile sisters now.

                            3d的试机号Nowadays, I'm more into tube amplifiers, class-T amplifiers, NOS DAC, high efficiency speakers, coaxial speakers, and building my own gears to satisfy my thirst in high quality audio reproduction. I've built countless pre, power and integrated amplifiers that I could not even recall all of them myself.

                            If you're interested at DIY audio too, check out this site regularly. I'll be updating it as frequent as I can on all my audio thoughts, designs, new projects, experiments and experiences. I will make it easy to understand too for all the non-technical readers. So, don't worry and let the fun begin!

                            If you are interested to come an author of this website, you are very welcome to contact me! Contact me!


                            For more interesting information and special deals related to any of the issues on this page, place your cursor over the double underlined links. All information supplied by Kontera.com.


                            What is SBI!?

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