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                    DIY Audio Guide Blog

                    Every component in the hifi / stereo systems holds the key towards achieving a great musical experience. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."3d的试机号 says it all. It is all about optimizing the whole system and creating the synergy between all the different components - room acoustics, isolation, placement, equipment support, power source, music source, interconnect, amplifier, cable, speaker, and etc.

                    Sep 23, 2013

                    6V6GT Push Pull Amplifier

                    3d的试机号Zephyr 6P6P / 6V6GT push pull amplifier.

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                    Sep 23, 2013

                    Best Deals

                    Best Deals, Discounts, Sales, Electronics

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                    Sep 23, 2013

                    MOD 102

                    DIY MOD 102 Guitar Amp Kit from MOD Kits DIY

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                    Sep 23, 2013

                    Ebony Spikes

                    3d的试机号Ebony spikes with crystal impregnated as hifi / speaker suspension.

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                    Jul 24, 2013

                    DIY Audio Guide to High Fidelity Audio Amplifier, Speaker, DAC, Cable & System.

                    3d的试机号DIY, Audio, Guide, High Fidelity, Hifi, Audio Amplifier, Speaker, DAC, Cable, Home Theater, Home Stereo

                    Continue reading "DIY Audio Guide to High Fidelity Audio Amplifier, Speaker, DAC, Cable & System."

                    Jul 22, 2012

                    Parafeed 2A3

                    In 2003 I constructed a parafeed 2A3 stereo amplifier. I too used the Sowter 8995 output transformers and Sowter 8982 plate chokes. The amplifier has

                    Continue reading "Parafeed 2A3"

                    Jul 22, 2012

                    Loving Russian ГM-70 so far

                    Bought a pair of Russian ГM-70 copper-plates on a whim 'cause I wanted an SE DHT that would drive my 90dB speakers and the Chinese 845's have been getting

                    Continue reading "Loving Russian ГM-70 so far"

                    Jul 20, 2012


                    Tri-amping with single ended amps and horns, Bass: BLH, Sep amp 6550 Midrange: Wood round horn, set amp 300B HF: Wood round horn, set amp 71A Ken Hi Martin,

                    Continue reading "71A-amplifier"

                    Jul 17, 2012

                    HIFI Blog

                    HIFI, blog, amplifier, loudspeaker, DAC

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                    Jul 17, 2012

                    RE604 Tube Amplifier

                    DIY RE604 Tube Amplifier

                    Continue reading "RE604 Tube Amplifier"

                    Jun 27, 2012


                    Links, Websites, Web, URL

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                    May 27, 2012

                    UD384 DAC Review

                    UD384 DAC Review part 2 by DIY Audio Guide

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                    Mar 03, 2012


                    3d的试机号DIY Virgin but interested: Zu Audio Essence owner. Ken: What DIY amplifier are you interested in

                    Continue reading "Fabulous"

                    Feb 26, 2012

                    Leonard Cohen

                    3d的试机号Leonard Cohen Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 music album

                    Continue reading "Leonard Cohen"

                    Feb 14, 2012

                    The Persuader

                    The Persuader Tube Drive Effects Pedal Kit based on 12AX7

                    Continue reading "The Persuader"

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